The rise of retail investors (feat. Morgan Housel)

Investing has entered the digital age. But this does not only have advantages. The new world of day trading for zero commission offers retail investors new opportunities to access the capital markets at low cost, but the process is also driven by constant notifications, information overload and a frantic pace that invites risky decisions. This dopamine-driven process flies in the face of what professional investors may consider a successful approach: relying on fundamental valuation analysis, independent thought, and longer-term investment horizons. Looking ahead, this bifurcation of investment offerings between traditional investment firms and new low-cost online trading platforms begs the question of which model offers clients the most real value?

Our forthcoming Insightcast discusses this and similar topics around customer needs in wealth management with two exciting experts: Dr. Andreas Zingg, Country Manager of Vanguard Switzerland and Morgan Housel, best-selling author of the Psychology of Money.