A new degree of personalization and proactive risk management in insurance.

A number of emerging forces are standardizing and commoditizing individual risks, which will drive insurers to undertake structural changes in their strategies. Meanwhile, the ubiquity of connected devices offers the potential for insurers to highly personalize insurance and proactively manage individual client risk.

Key trends

disaggregated distribution

Disaggregated distribution

sharing economy

Sharing economy

autonomous car

Autonomous driving



standardized platforms

Standardized platforms


Reduced customer stickiness

As insurers’ relationship with customers is further disaggregated and personal lines products further commoditized, customer loyalty will become increasingly difficult to achieve.

Self-insurance models

Revenue for the insurance industry will be reduced as the self-insurance models (e.g. autonomous driving, sharing economy) gain scale.

Real-time data and analytics

Insurers’ ability to gather and analyze real-time data will become key to unleashing the potential of connected insurance models.

Two key questions


How can insurers cooperate with the self-insuring agents of commoditizing forces in response to the erosion of the premium base?


How will insurers create customer loyalty as the insurance products become increasingly commoditized and digital entrants disaggregate the customer relationship?