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Trend Research

Understanding the driving forces of change

Technological change is a driver of great change, not only in the financial industry but in our society as a whole.​ What changes today will transform our industry tomorrow?

Managing Assets in a Post-Corona World: 10 Trends for 2021

Our report on ‘Managing Assets in a Post-Corona World’ examined the drivers of change in the asset and wealth management industry and identified 10 exciting trends that could transform the industry.

Customer Intelligence

Understand the implications your market and your customers

Customer requirements are changing. Financial services in an analog world are a thing of the past. But what does the customer really want? Technological improved customer interface or human advice?

Wealth Management and Disruptive Change: Five key insights from other industries

Our report on continuous pressure to innovate in the face of changing consumer behaviors, new technological innovations, and new competitors entering the market.


Find ways to
adapt to change

What are the solutions to adapt to change? How does the competition do it? What are the best-in-class ways to deal with the new wave of innovations in the industry.​

Artificial Intelligence in the Banking Industry

Our report on ‘AI in the Banking Industry’ examined the potential of artificial intelligence for different use cases in the financial industry.

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