Have you heard of the CLIC economy?

CLIC – which stands for circular, lean, inclusive, and clean is a term coined by Lombard Odier and describes as a concept the building blocks of a sustainable future. New business models around these themes offer unparalleled opportunities while reducing our negative impact on the world.

Circularity relates to the redesign of products and business models to promote the reduction, repair, reuse, and recycling of products.

Lean focuses on efficient production and consumption, and on extracting only the natural resources that can be sustained or regenerated.

Building an Inclusive economy means we can deliver affordable solutions to all. This implies that businesses have a triple-bottom-line comprised of people, planet, and profit.

The transition to a Clean economy requires a move to lower emissions as well as a more sustainable relationship with nature to mitigate climate risks and reduce the massive societal costs of pollution.