Payment systems

Understanding behavioral changes and expectations in a cashless world.

Incumbent banks typically earn income from payment processing services and help merchants set up payment systems. Fintechs are offering simpler, faster and more innovative payment solutions – with nearly half of all Fintechs focusing on payments. New consumer functionalities are transforming the way customers interact with their banks.

Key trends

mobile payments

Mobile payments

integrated billing

Integrated billing

micro payment


Streamlined payments

Streamlined payments

next generation security

Next generation security


Less control over customer experience.

Banks may lose control over their customers’ transaction experience as digital wallets consolidate digital payment platforms.

Customer targeting.

Leveraging data on specific customer segments will become an essential component of strategies to gain a dominant share of wallet.

Merchant relationships.

Banks’ ability to partner with merchants will become critical.

Two key questions


How will customer behavior change in an increasingly cashless world?


How will issuers create differentiated customer experience when their control over customer experience is taken over by digital payment platforms?