Credit and lending

New platforms are simplifying and expanding the lending process.

Credit and lending is a fundamental business for incumbent banks. All traditional segments in lending are under pressure from Fintechs simplifying and expanding the lending process. Alternative funding platforms are transforming credit evaluation and loan origination – and offering consumers and businesses access to non-traditional sources of capital.

Key trends


P2P, P2B lending

digital credit risk

Digital credit risk analytics, credit rating



social lending

Social lending


Lean, automated process


Erosion of deposits and investment products.

As savers use alternative lending platforms as investment vehicles, market share erosion will occur for banks.

Distributed credit.

Customers’ credit portfolios could become distributed over a number of platforms, making it difficult to measure customers’ creditworthiness.

Integrated partnerships.

Traditional institutions could also transform their processes and technologies, potentially absorbing alternative platforms to adopt the new models.

Two key questions


What will be the future role of financial institutions in response to continually shifting customer preferences?


How will retail banks continue to maintain their ability to serve lending needs of customers as the erosion of deposits leads to shrinking balance sheets?