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The secrets of Vanguard’s success, interview with Andreas Zingg

In 2017, Vanguard attracted an average inflow of over 1 billion dollars per day, according to Morningstar. These are the largest flows we’ve ever seen in the industry for a single fund family. Andreas Zingg, head of ETF distribution management for continental Europe, Vanguard, shares with RFS the secrets of Vanguard’s success. Redesigning Financial Services (RFS): Costs for many financial products have come down over the last few decades. How do Vanguard’s costs compare to those of other asset managers? Andreas Zingg (AZ): That’s right. At Vanguard,

5-Insights Friday (09.03.2018)

RFS presents 5-Insights Friday #1 – If women ruled the world (#IWD2018) Melinda Gates writes that “everything changes” when women are economically empowered. Simply put, when money flows into the hands of women who have the authority to use it, resources are allocated more effectively with more people benefiting. It thus comes as little surprise that microfinance institutions also mostly target women in efforts to effectively deploy funds. So what would work and life look like if women were in charge? Read this thought-provoking article about a